Edward Anderdon Reade

Edward Anderdon Reade was born on 15th March 1807(i) at Ipsden House(iv), Ipsden. He was baptised at St Mary's Ipsden on 9th Jun 1807(i).

His parents were John Reade (17751849) (of Ipsden) and Anna Maria Scott (17731863) (of Dinapore, India). Edward was one of 11 children, all born in Ipsden(ii).

His middle name "Anderdon", comes from John Anderdon, a business partner and friend of John Reade.

Edward was educated at the Prebendary School in Chichester, and was nominated in 1823 to a Writership in the East India Company's civil service.(iv)

He studied at Haileybury College, Herts (formed by the East India Company), leaving for Calcutta (India) in 1825.(iv)

On 7th Apr 1838, Edward married Eliza Bernard (18171857), the daughter of J Bernard Esq. of Crewkerne in Somerset(iii).

Edward and Eliza had ten children, including:

During his time with the East India Company, Edward rose to the position of (acting) Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Provinces. He was also the last man to enter the fort of Agra during The Indian Mutiny of 1857.

He retired from the East India Company in 1860, receiving great praise from the Indians for the relatively peaceful termination of the Munity (particularly in his kindness to the lower castes).

On his return to England in 1860, Edward was made a Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.(iv)

The good will of the people of India pursued him and the Maharajah of Benares, as a mark of esteem, established a public well for the poor villagers of Stoke Row (part of the Ipsden Estate). The well was opened on 24 May 1864.(iv)


He took residence at Ipsden House was appointed a Magistrate. For 20 years he was chairman of the county bench at Wallingford.(iv)

He then moved to Well Place (Ipsden) where he died after three year on 12th Feb 1886(i).


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Lawrence Edward Reade

Lawrence Edward Reade was born on 8 Nov 1846 in Gorukpur, India(i), the second son of Edward Anderdon Reade and Eliza Bernard. His middle name (Edward) was given to all of E A Reade's children - including Lawrence's sisters! L E Reade travelled to New Zealand in 1869(ii), where he was employed as a solicitor and later a barriter of the Supreme Court of New Zealand.  In December, 1886, Mr. Reade was appointed commissioner of the Supreme Court, Tasmania, and in September, 1889, a similar title was conferred upon him for New South Wales(ii). Mr Reade was a keen sportsman in his youth, representing Otago and Canterbury at cricket, and a well known oarsman and tennis player(i, ii). Lawrence Reade fell from a Wellington tramcar in July 1910 aged 63.  He died a few weeks later as a result of his injuries and the brain operations that followed.  At that time his second son Charles Compton Reade was editor of the Auckland-based New Zealand Graphic, his eldest son Edward was employed at Wellington in the New Zealand railway department, and his third son was a contractor across the Marlborough Sound at Havelock(ii).

"An inquest was held at the hospital yesterday concerning the death of Mr. Lawrence E. Reade, solicitor, Foxton, who fell from a tramcar on 2nd July, and suffered an injury to his head.  He was subsequently operated upon, apparently recovered, and was discharged from the hospital on 29th July.  Deceased was admitted to the institution again on 15th August, suffering from fits. Another operation was performed, but the patient gradually sank, and died yesterday morning.  Death was immediately due to syncope.  After hearing evidence, the Coroner (Mr. W. R. Haselden) returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony given."

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Alfred Charles Arding (Esq.)

Alfred Charles (Wells) Arding was born in 1858 in Wallingford(iii), the third son of Edward Wells Esq. J.P. of Wallingford. He changed his name from Wells to Arding in 1890 to satisfy a condition in his Great-Uncle Cecil Arding's will, who died in 1889 in Jersey.

In 1880 he married Florence Mary Maddy in Kensington(iv). Florence was born on 13th April 1859 in Paddington, the daughter of Edwin Davis Maddy and Alice Catherine Fleetwood.

In the summer of 1882 they moved into Braziers Park(i), which Arding eventually sold to Valentine Fleming in 1909.

A C Arding was a Wallingford Magistrate and Captain of the Wallingford Volunteers (the local militia), as well as being the captain of the Wallingford cricket team and for many years was the President of the Wallingford Athletic Club, which encompassed football, cricket and athletics in the town.

The Wells family were prominent in Wallingford, owning The Wells Brewery (Goldsmith's Lane). A picture of a Wells Brewery bottle can be found here. In the 1881 England Census Alfred and Florence are shown living with Florence at Brightwell House, Oxon(vi). Alfred's occupation is shown as a Brewer.

Cecil Wells married to Elizabeth Wells(ii) on 20th July 1837 at St. Mary's Wallingford. The birth of their son, Cecil Wells Arding(vii) was registered in Wallingford District, in 1838.

Alfred Charles died in 1930, and is buried in St Leonards Churchyard, Woodcote.

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Charles Reade

Charles Reade was born on 8th June 1814 in Ipsden House(i), 7th son of John Reade (of Ipsden) and Anna Maria, eldest daughter of Maj. John Scott MP for Stockbridge Hampshire)(ii).

He attended Iffley Grammar School, and then earned a scholarship in to Magdalen College, Oxford (entering on 26th July 1831, aged 17).

Whilst a student Reade was known for his quasi-bohemian lifestyle, unorthodox dress and views, and ultimately was not interested in becoming ordained (as his mother, a devout Evangelist had intended).(iii)

After graduating (with honours) from Magdalen College, Oxford, became a scholar there. He earned the position of Bursar, Vice-President and Dean of Arts. He was admitted to Lincoln's Inn (The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn) in 1835, and called to the Bar in 1843.

"Reade's personal appearance was striking; he was over six feet in height, and was of vigorous build. He genial countenance, boisterous manner, impatience of criticism, and impulsive generosity, all helped make to make his personality attractive."(ii)

As a talented violinist, he was also partner with a Soho violin making company.(iii)

He later became a dramatist, and wrote many popular plays, before he turned to writing novels, most notably "The Cloister and the Hearth".(iv)

Charles Reade never married, although he did have a son, Charles Liston Reade, who's mother died in childbirth.(iii)

He did have a very close relationship with actress Laura Seymour (18201879), who would become one of his greatest supporters and friends. Laura was his most constant companion, and also his housekeeper for a number of years.(iii)

In 1879, Laura Seymour died, leaving Charles devastated.(iii)

Charles Reade died at his home (3 Blomfield Villas, London(i)) on 11th April 1884 and lies buried beside Laura Seymour at St. Mary's church, in Willesden, London(iii)
His gravestone reads:(iii)
Here lie
by the side of his beloved friend
the mortal remains of
Charles Reade
Dramatist, novelist, and journalist.


His last words to mankind
are on this stone.

A biography of Charles Reade is available on the Wikipedia website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Reade.

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Walter Hatt

Walter Hatt was born in Ipsden, in 1880(i),(ii), the son of Thomas Panter Hatt (born 1843 in Chalgrove)(ii),(iii) and Anne Pawsey (born in 1843 in Bath)(ii),(iv). Thomas married Anne in 1866, in Bath(v).

On the Land Owners Return of 1873 (county of Oxfordshire), Thomas P Hatt is shown to be a farmer of 33 acres.

By 1881, Thomas P Hatt and his family (including son Walter) are living at Ipsden Farm in 1881(ii). Thomas is shown as a farmer of a massive 970 acres, and employing 33 men, 7 women and 11 boys. Ann died in 1902(vi), and was buried in St Mary's Church graveyard, Ipsden. Thomas died in 1926 and is also buried St Mary's graveyard.

The further "Hatts" mentioned in the scorebooks are Edwin's brothers: Cecil, Henry and Edwin Thomas Hatt.

In further matches, Walter's brothers Cecil (b1885 Ipsden) and Henry George (b1878 Ipsden), also played.

Thomas Panter Hatt's parents were Thomas White Hatt (born 1815) and Elizabeth Baker Panter, who married locally in 1841. Thomas sister Elizabeth Ann was born in 1842, and his brother John Benjamin in ~1847. Thomas White Hatt remarried in 1850 to Ann Ashby(ix)

Thomas Panter Hatt = Anne Pawsey
            |_ Rosa Annie (1869)
            |_ Edwin Thomas (1872)
            |_ Frederick Percy (1876)
            |_ Henry G (1878)
            |_ Walter (1880)
            |_ Cecil (1885)

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Col. A H N Reade, LVO

Col. Arthur Harold Newmarch 'Dan' Reade was born in 1921 in Hampstead District(i), and died in 2006 at his home in Ipsden.

He was the son of Arthur George Lawrence Reade (born 1882, Lambeth(ii)) and Violet Newmarch. His parents married in 1917 in Wandsworth district(iii)

He gained the rank of Colonel in the service of the Queen's Own Hussars.(iv) He was invested as a Lieutenant, Royal Victorian Order (L.V.O.).(iv)

His father Arthur G L Reade, was the son of Arthur Edward Reade, who in turn was the son of the Cricket Clubs' founder Edward Anderdon Reade.

Dan's daughter Juliet Catherine Reade married William Edward Douglas Noel in 1993. William, took over as Club President from Col. Reade, until his sudden death in 2006.

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